Tasting & Virtual Tour with Watanabe Shuzojo

  • 29 Aug 2020
  • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • ZOOM


  • Pay via Sake Lovers

We are delighted to offer this event through Sake Lovers, a company dedicated to supporting small craft brewers of Japanese sake. Now in their 3rd year of business, their mission is even more important as so many small craft brewers are suffering from decreased business due to the pandemic.

For this event, we will go on a virtual tour of Watanabe Shuzojo in Ogaki-city, Gifu, which was established in 1902. Asako, the current Toji (master brewer), grew up in her family's business and is one of very few female Toji in Japan.  

In this virtual event, Asako will take us on a tour of the brewery, share her experience, and answer our questions. Of course we can also enjoy tasting several types of sake made by Watanabe Shuzojo.

The sake samples will be shipped to you directly from the brewery. In order to participate in this event, please take the following steps:

1. Register here with FEW so we know who is going.
2. Read your confirmation email CAREFULLY! Please note, to complete your registration for this event, you need to register with the organizer and pay the event/sake/shipping fee to Sake Lovers using the links in your confirmation email.

The cost for the virtual tour and tasting samples (¥5000) plus shipping (¥1000) and tax (¥500) is ¥6500.

The tasting set includes 4 types of sake: 
<Unfiltered raw sake 2 bottles>
Junmai Ginjo Unfiltered raw sake (Using Gifu prefecture Hidahomare rice)
Junmai Unfiltered raw sake (Using Gohyakumangoku Toyama prefecture)
<Pasteurized 2bottles>
Daiginjo sweet (Using Hatsushimo rice)
Junmai (Shokuchu-shu - suitable to drink while you eat meal) 

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