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FEW was established to support foreign women in Japan, both professionally and socially. Being literally “few” in the world, FEW offers a friendly and supportive atmosphere to meet, network and find like-minded friends. From this idea stems our mission: “To provide a forum for networking, career development, knowledge and information exchange, support and friendship among foreign women living in Kansai."

Upcoming events

    • 28 Aug 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC+09:00)
    • Zoom

    Maybe you tried hot Japanese sake with sushi when you first arrived in Japan and thought “not my thing!” Or maybe you wonder why you love some and don’t like others? Join us for a fun night of sake exploration at our Sake Salon on August 28. We will be hosted by Kyoko Nagano, a director at Sake Lovers, whose passion for sake intertwines with her work supporting craft sake brewers with overseas marketing and sales. 

    Kyoko plans to introduce us to three sake types that she says may even “convert the unconverted” to become sake fans. Our tasting selection will include a sparkling sake, a sake that pairs well with many dishes (not only Japanese food), and a dessert sake. Even long-time sake lovers may discover a new taste! Kyoko will talk about the uniqueness of each sake and what makes the taste different, and of course she is happy to answer any sake questions you have. She will also share a few recipes for sake cocktails!

    Kyoko has also arranged special pricing for FEW Kansai (see below). And it is fine to have more than one person enjoy the tasting set (no extra charge). Invite a friend or partner to join you for this fun end-of-summer event!

    Please register and pay in two steps by midnight, August 21:

    Step 1: Register for the event on the FEW Kansai website (this page)

                    Members: FREE

                 Nonmembers: ¥500 event fee

    Step 2: Purchase the tasting set from Sake Lovers, using the link in your FEW confirmation email.

                  Members and nonmembers: ¥5,000

                  (includes tasting set, shipping, and tax)

    Both steps must be completed for you to participate. Please read your confirmation email--it contains important information!

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    The FEW Kansai Board

    CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel your registration for this event, Sake Lovers cannot refund the ¥5,000 you paid for the tasting set. You will receive the tasting set once you have paid, and Sake Lovers will send you a link to a recording of the Zoom event. FEW Kansai, however, will refund the ¥500 event fee for nonmembers,

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